Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flying Book Review

Can a teenage boy save his friend's baby brother from being tossed off a cliff?

That's the accurate, yet short on detail, elevator pitch I only just made up for Oliver Neubert's novel, The Wind of Life: The Flyers. Sorry, Mr. Neubert, I'm just practicing writing pitches on everything I get my hands on. :)

Fourteen-year-old Timo is a Flyer, living in a world of other Flyers, and he's an exceptionally gifted Flyer. These are a people with great big beautiful wings on their backs. (By the way, the author's description of wind and flying simply takes you into the air.) Another people, the Wanderers, have no wings. There is great mistrust between the two groups and the law states that Wanderers must die. The Wanderers have a similar law about Flyers.

When Timo's friend, Val's, baby brother is born wingless, he is to be killed. Val asks Timo to help her save the baby. Read The Wind of Life: The Flyers to find out if he saves the baby! 

There are revelations, secret plots, and all of that good stuff as the story zips along nicely. Besides saving the baby, Timo's bigger goal is to unite the two peoples. I enjoyed how Oliver Neubert had this larger problem of the split between the two races, yet brought the story down to a concrete and very tender-hearted story about the baby.

The epic continues in Neubert's following novels: The Wind of Life: The Wanderers, and The Wind of Life: Vita (Coming May 2012). Visit Oliver Neubert at his website.

The Wind of Life books are middle grade fantasy for ages eleven and up. Now that I've finished my copy of The Flyers, I'll be handing it over to my nearly 11 year old twins.


Shelley HW said...

Well, it's a good pitch. It made me curious.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Thanks Shelley. :)
I guess it worked!

Nissa Annakindt said...

When I read 'Flying Book Review' I thought it was for a book that could fly. I wouldn't like that. It would be hard to keep it on the shelf. And the cats would chase it.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

LOL Nissa!
Sounds like a book the kids in Harry Potter would have to buy for Care of Magical Creatures class!

Joylene said...

I wish you could write the pitch for my next book. You have a knack for them, Amanda. I've always found them the hardest thing to write. Could be because I'm long-winded. I love the cover. Those eyes are incredible.

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Joylene, well, when I'm actually agented, then maybe I'll be qualified to write pitches. I still can't get my own right. LOL

Oh yeah. It is a super cover. I still have the book in my dining room, and it's nice just to see it. :)

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